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 Acclaimed Chinese-born Operatic Soprano Beibei Wang, has made her name by excellent interpretation at the title role of Madama Butterfly and the title role of Suor Angelica in London. She also received numerous awards, more recently , 2017 Big Ben Award ,The First British Chinese Culture and Arts Award,Leap award for arts at 20th Anniversary of Phoenix TV and 10th Anniversary of Phoenix Life, Roy Pleasance Singing Competition and Mario Lanza international singing competition. Having already developed a strong presence, Beibei has appeared venues, including major debuts at the Cadogan Hall, the O2, the Southbank Centre, the St John’s Smith Square, the Fishmongers Hall, and the Birmingham Symphony Hall in repertoire spanning the Bel Canto, Romantic and Verismo styles, and having interviewed and broadcasted by CCTV, China Daily, Nouvelles d’Europe, The BBC and BBC Radio 4.

Beibei is also the judging panel of “Chinese song UK”,famous “Super girl” competition UK and judging panel of the first UK-China summer music festival. Principal Soprano of London International Sinfonia, Artistic Director of East-West Arts Initiative and UK China performing arts society. Beibei has been praised as” The Messenger of Sino – British Cultural Exchange” by Cultural Monthly.

Studied at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music and on graduating sang as a soloist with the Shenzen Music Association, appearing in cities in South China as well as in Hong Kong and Macau. She then went to Italy to study on a training scheme attached to La Scala, Milan, for two years under the tutelage of Maria Luisa Cioni and Nicoletta Zanini. After she won a scholarship in the UK, She then moved to the Royal Northern College of Music, in Manchester, where she gained her MA and Postgraduate Diploma in solo performance with distinction, prior to this She obtained her Master of music from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, In London she was a recipient of Trinity College London Scholar and studied Artist Diploma with Peter Knapp at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

王蓓蓓,著名旅英华裔歌剧女高音歌唱家。深入人心的普契尼歌剧《蝴蝶夫人》中第一女主角乔巧桑和《修女安洁丽卡》的扮演者,数度在伦敦西区成功上演。曾在国内外众多比赛中获奖,英国首届音乐玫瑰奖获得者、凤凰卫视美动华人颁奖年度“艺术飞跃奖”、2017大本钟奖全球十大杰青,罗伊·普莱森斯和马里奥·兰扎国际声乐比赛优胜奖等。2017《唱响英伦》、英国《南部好声音》评委、2016《超级女声》英国赛区评委以及首届英中夏季音乐节的评委。伦敦国际交响乐团首席女高音,东西艺术倡议和英中演艺协会艺术总监。BBC、BBC Radio4、China Daily 欧洲时报以及央视国际等都曾对她做过专题报导。曾有媒体称她是“用心唱出音乐灵魂的中国歌唱家”“中欧文化交流的使者” 伦敦市长曾为她颁发奖杯表彰她在中英文化交流中所做出的突出贡献。

本科毕业于广州星海音乐学院声乐系,之后随意大利米兰斯卡拉歌剧院泰斗级歌剧大师玛利亚.路易莎. 乔尼及尼克莱塔. 扎尼尼等深造传统意大利歌剧,后荣获多家英国音乐学院奖学金,分别获得音乐硕士学位,独唱家和高级艺术家文凭。她的表演质朴纯真、深邃大气近年来还出演了斯美塔娜《被出卖的新嫁娘》的玛简卡,《托斯卡》、《图兰朵》中的柳儿、贝利尼《卡普莱特与蒙太古》里的朱丽叶、莫扎特《女人心》里的费奥德丽姬、亨德尔《Rinaldo》里的Armida、威尔第《茶花女》里的维奥莱塔、《游吟诗人》里的莱奥诺拉等众多其他歌剧角色。在音乐会领域亦有出色表现如在著名的O2、Southbank Centre、Cadogan Hall、Bridgewater Hall、St John’s Smith Sqaure、Birmingham Symphony Hall和Fishmongers Hall等。她极具表现力和穿透力的歌声, 饱满的中低声区和辉煌的高音区,被誉为是难得一遇的普契尼式女高音